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Acrylic Nail Designs 2015 2015

Girls have a lot of work to do on their path of being head to toe beautiful. That is why we need all the advices, tips and tricks we can get. Today, we are going to talk about some pretty varnishes that are perfect for all of you cute and romantic girls.

  Pretty nail designs 2015

Strawberry nails

This is one of the cutest nais varnishes ever. Everybody loves strawberries so it is awesome that someone somewhere thought of strawberry pretty nails varnishes. All you have to do is to do your nails in red, add some white dots over the red and on the tip of your nail do green leaves and boom-you’ve got yourself one really cute nail design.

Summer nail designs 2015 ideas

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This summer will be real freshness for every lover of vibrant colors of lacquers. Summer nail designs 2015 will be every shades of ocean, sand, desert, tropical fruit and plants and flowers. All will be in addition for more colors and designs.

Some most popular trends of manicure

Neutral colors, that is, different shades of skin colors, because are always in trend. Simple, classy, sophisticated and classic – discreet.

Metallic shades are one of bigger trends of season – metallic colors and materials belong to neutral colors, because gold and silver shades fit almost everything and look very effective and powerful. Try some of these summer nail designs 2015 ideas, you will not regret it!

Colors of tropical fruit are colors of kiwi, mango and watermelon. Also, this includes colors of worm desert and wild jungle.

Furry nails

Last year, London had wave fashion of fake furry – purses, boots, jackets and now on nails. Academy for makeup MUA launched nail polish in 5 colors which had effect of furry. When you coating over lacquer which yet is not dried, your nails get the look as they were made of plush. Also, they are soft to touch.

Black varnish

Erstwhile, black varnish was worn by just teenager and rebels. Today, every woman can wear black color, because it symbolizes freedom, independence and creativity. Summer nail designs 2015 allow more than darker shades, allow charcoal black color. This year, all is free. You can experiment with diverse colors and shades. You can put whatever you want on your nails – zircons, tinsel or furry.

The best acrylic nail designs 2015

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Acrylic nail designs 2015 are very popular topic. Acrylic nails are really popular and how to make them trendier than having the most fashion forward design. That is why today we are going to talk about some best designs for your nails. Have fun.

  Acrylic nail designs 2015

Funky animal print

Animal print is still trendy. That is great information for all of you ladies who love animal print. Animal print doesn’t have to be only on your clothes or only on your shoes. You can have your favorite animal print on your nails. Whether you like zebra, tiger, leopard it doesn’t matter, it all can be done. But there is a slight change this season. Don’t just go for natural animal print colors. Be funky. Make a pink and black zebra stripes, tiger print in turquoise or leopard
print in neon yellow. It will make your acrylic nail designs 2015 even more beautiful and trendy.