The best acrylic nail designs 2015

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Acrylic nail designs 2015 are very popular topic. Acrylic nails are really popular and how to make them trendier than having the most fashion forward design. That is why today we are going to talk about some best designs for your nails. Have fun.

  Acrylic nail designs 2015

Funky animal print

Animal print is still trendy. That is great information for all of you ladies who love animal print. Animal print doesn’t have to be only on your clothes or only on your shoes. You can have your favorite animal print on your nails. Whether you like zebra, tiger, leopard it doesn’t matter, it all can be done. But there is a slight change this season. Don’t just go for natural animal print colors. Be funky. Make a pink and black zebra stripes, tiger print in turquoise or leopard
print in neon yellow. It will make your acrylic nail designs 2015 even more beautiful and trendy.

Be a princess

Acrylic nail designs

You must remember how you wanted to be a princess when you grow up? Well, even if you don’t have a castle and a prince charming, you can be a princess. If you are wondering how, I am going to tell you. Make your nail design resemble of princesses from all those fairytales. The look that I like the most is really cute. Get the top of your nails done in soft pink, with some white polka dots. It is a great base for the nail art accessory you are going to use. Put a bow on your nails. Seriously, what is cuter than soft pink, polka dots and bows? It just screams princess.

Solid color

Best acrylic nail designs 2015

If you like something simple, but yet classy, there are some acrylic nail designs that are perfect for you. I love one new style that is really simple but it looks extremely good. Get 4 nails on each hand done in the same color. The best colors are the bright ones, but I leave it up to you to choose what do you like the best. Use some sparkly nail polish in the same color on the one nail you’ve skipped. The best finger for it is the ring finger. Try this design out; I think you are going to like it.


While I was browsing the internet in a search for the best and hottest acrylic nail designs I fell in love with this design. The nails are done in black, with hot pink lips all over them and some gold chains. Believe it or not, it looks awesome and it is really easy to do this nail art. Acrylic nail designs are really a topic that can never be fully covered. I hope you’ve liked some of these awesome ideas. More acrylic nail designs coming soon.