Elegant gel nail designs

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 Acrylic nails used to be the most popular artificial nails, but it seems like gel nails have taken over the 1st place. Gel nails look even more natural and they seem to make less damage to your real nails. For this reason we must talk about some amazing gel nail designs that you will have to try.

Gel nail designs

Gradient nail design

One of the greatest nail designs ever. This gradient gel nail design is easy to achieve. The best effect will be done if you take 2 or 3 shades of pastel color. You need to start from the lightest to the darkest shade. This way it will really look like gradient. For the sandy look, you need to take a makeup sponge and apply the nail polish with this sponge. These gel nail designs are perfect because they are not too busy but they look really elegant and modern.

French manicure

One of the most popular gel nail designs is French manicure. You know how French manicure looks like, but you can take this simple and elegant nail design and push it to the next level. You can have some sparkles on the tips of your nails, and make it look even more feminine. If you add some white, subtle flowers the final look will be different again. You have a lot of things to do in order to make this French manicure perfect for you, you only need to be a little bit creative.

Flowers nail design

Gel nail designs 2015

It is very common to see girls having flowers as their gel nail designs. Of course, there must be a reason why flowers are so popular. You can get the flowers you want in colors you want and that is what is the best about this design. For some gentle look, you will have smaller, subtle flowers. But if you want everyone to notice your nails, colorful flowers over your nails are perfect solution for you. Honestly, the look you are going to get depends only of your taste and of your nail artist’s skills.

Amazing colors

If you are tired of all the busy designs and you want something simple but effective, there are some gel nail designs for you too. Your choice should be some amazing, bright colors. For example, the look I like is really simple but it looks absolutely wonderful. All the nails are done in soft neon blue and on the ring finger there is a pink butterfly. Honestly, one of the simplest, breath taking gel nail designs.

There are a lot of ideas for your perfect gel nail designs. Pick the one you like the most, and have you nail artist do a small artwork on your nails.